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Relationship development is the key to loyalty entrapment of the clients. With the growth of business process outsourcing, this task has been developed further by ensuring absolute customer centre services that focus majorly on customer satisfaction and loyalty development. “ITS” BPO focuses on all kinds of Desk Top support services primarily in relation to customer organization. Our philosophy of delving deep into the customer’s business and suggesting consistent process improvements has helped helps establish a stronger connect with prospect customer and market clients alike. ITS Business Process Outsourcing offers highly cost effective services in IT Support from our offshore centre to cater to your requirements effectively. and improve cost structures, reduce corporate carbon footprints and strengthen competitive positioning.

Financial value :
Outsourcing allows companies to reduce costs through labour arbitrage, process reengineering and leveraging best practices and economies of scale. The resulting cost reductions create additional capital for re-investment in the most strategic parts of the businessof the business.

Operational Value:
By leveraging innovative processes, latest technologies and economies of scale, ITS drives change that results in greater efficiencies and standardization for you. Our metric-defined service levels and controls increase accountability while improving quality, predictability, and risk management.

Strategic Value :
Outsourcing allows for the re-distribution of time and resources to core business areas that directly impact shareholder value. This variable and scalable model flexes with market demands without negative impacts to your business, or to your customers.

Environmental Value :
Transformational outsourcing can have a positive environmental impact as well as offer cost savings and other benefits. ITS provides innovative data enter and workplace platforms designed with energy efficiency and reduced carbon foot-printing in mind. Outsourcing can be a valuable tool in helping companies to meet legislative or corporate driven carbon reduction targets.

We have time and again anticipated and exceeded customer expectations, and our testimonials speak volumes about it. We are on our way to achieve eSCM (e-sourcing capability model) maturity level. We have built a robust organizational framework that assures our stakeholders – Associates, Investors, Customers and Society – of the highest quality standards at different stages of the relationship. If there is one aspect that differentiates us in the market place, it is our commitment to striving harder and adding value to our client’s business.

Our services include: Business Process Outsourcing, Customer evaluation applications, Human resource outsourcing, Industry specific outsourcing, and Market relations module consultation.



“Recruitment is more proactive, planned, strategic and lucrative in terms of candidate pool and selection. Sales management time spent on recruitment has been minimized due to streamlined processes.”

Vice President, Sales
The “ITS” RPO recruiters are able to pre-screen using our High Performance Leadership Behaviours which result in a higher level of candidate. “ITS” RPO recruiters are also closer to our business so that they can represent [our company] effectively to external candidates.

Pharmaceutical company
We have been using the services of “ITS” For the Long Time. “ITS” is a real Assets to our firm. “ITS” has assisted us in recruiting, interviewing and reorganization of many departments.Their good counsel and recommendations have helped shape the growth of our company.
HR Head of Major Software Company.
ITS has helped a key position on our IT consulting team. ITS has provided excellent services, taking care all of the details the hiring process. We are very pleased with ITS Services and would recommend them to several of our clients. We will continue to rely upon ITS expertise in the future.

500 fortune IT company.

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