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PEGASUS at the Shanghai International Professional Light & Sound Exhibition
来源:东源音响 Time: 2018-10-10 Source: Dongyuan Audio

你来了么? PEGASUS amazing international professional lighting and sound show, are you here?

On October 10th, the 16th Shanghai International Professional Lighting and Sound Show opened in Shanghai International Expo Center

This exhibition attracted more than 650 exhibitors and about 30,000 visitors, and 12 product categories were available, including professional lighting, audio products and solutions, stage machinery and recording equipment.

For the first time, Pagos Audio brought 9 categories of products to the show for the first time, attracting a lot of domestic and foreign music lovers and musical instrument sellers to stop and gain the recognition of our customers!

Live professional musician performance

PEGASUS exhibition area, live performances by professional musicians, amazing audience!

During the exhibition, Pagosos Audio Exhibition Zone arranged a fixed period of time for live performances by professional musicians.

The performance scene attracted many music enthusiasts. While astounded by the artist's superb skills, everyone lamented the extraordinary sound quality of the PEGASUS professional audio system.

Come and take a look at the first product series of PEGASUS!

Don't know PEGASUS? In ancient Greek mythology, Pegasus was the son of Poseidon, the god of art, and he was a close partner with the muse of art. When his forefoot hit the ground, a clear spring emerged. Poetic pronoun

PEGASUS audio takes the image of Pegasus in ancient Greek mythology as the main body, and integrates 18 years of OEM / ODM manufacturing experience to create a series of professional audio products, which have gained a good reputation in the European and American markets.

Pagosos Audio: Pegasus Pegasus comes from the sky, not only the embodiment of art and inspiration, but also the spiritual totem of the professional audio system trusted by the industry!

Our little friends are looking forward to your arrival!